The end of an era ...

WebGauge is no longer available. We would like to thank all of our customers for their support.

What Happens To My Router?

Your router is owned by you, and will continue functioning as a normal wireless router. You don't need to do anything - just keep using it as per normal.

Note: The internet usage meter functionality provided by WebGauge will no longer work.

What Alternatives Do You Recommend?

We are unable to recommend any specific products or services to replace WebGauge. With data caps growing, prices dropping, and many ISPs offering uncapped data plans, metering of internet usage is likely to become less of an issue going forward.

Business Enquiries

WebGauge has made a substantial investment in developing proprietary systems to provide user-friendly internet usage monitoring capabilites.

For any business related enquiries, please contact us using the link below:

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